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Inside Tino's Deli

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Fordham University


Inside Tino's Deli

Shannon Burns


Read time: 4 min.
Photography by Spencer Krell

It’s well known to Fordham students and regular foodies alike that Arthur Avenue is home to some top notch grub. Some even call this strip the “Real Little Italy.” From fish and meat markets to cheese havens, Fordham students are lucky to have such places nearby when we feel like ditching our meal plan. We don't have to look any further than Tino’s Delicatessen for an authentic Italian feast.

Located at 2410 Arthur Ave, Tino’s is at the beginning of one’s journey down one of America’s Greatest Streets. It’s proudly owned by the family of Rosa and Giancarlo Paciullo. Tino's has been a staple in the Belmont community for over fifty years. While it originally started out on East 187th across the street from Casa De Mozzarella, as business grew, they moved into a bigger space in a vacant community center which brings them to where they are today.

As you enter this dim lit deli, you're greeted by gelato on your left, meats hanging from the ceiling, and an entire wall of imported Italian products. It’s the real deal.

“We want people to truly feel like they’re in an Italian deli.” -Monica, owner of Tino's.

They offer fine imported cheeses, authentic balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and a variety of pastas.

This family owned business strives to provide a welcoming, warm, and unique environment.
It has a very distinct vibe; the walls are lined with autographed pictures of celebrities and politicians mixed in with traditional Italian decor. Dedicated customer, Maggie Roughley says, "I think my favorite thing about Tino's is the atmosphere. The family style tables, historic pictures on the walls, and outdoor seating make the restaurant so unique to Arthur Ave. The workers are extremely friendly and never make you wait long for your food either!" Owners at Tino’s love serving Fordham students, which I witnessed firsthand when I visited the deli at lunchtime. It was filled with fellow students getting their sandwich fix.

They offer an extensive menu from breakfast to dessert. Some of their most popular options include classic meat sandwiches such as the Godfather, which includes ham, provolone, soppressata, and fried eggplant. The option of choice for frequent customer Kyle Martin is their famous chicken parmesan hero because of its size. Tino’s slogan is:

“Dove i grandi appetiti vengono soddisfatti”

which translates to “where the big appetites are satisfied”, a sentiment that rings true at Tino's. The portions are sinfully large, and according to the owner’s son, “All the cooking is done by my mom, Rosa Paciullo, who was taught by her mother when she was just a little girl.” It’s a family operation through and through.

Tino’s has garnered plenty of recognition for the food and experience they offer. It was featured on Culture Trip’s Best Places to Eat Along Arthur Avenue as a place with options for any patron. Tino’s was also recognized on The Ultimate Guide to Buying Italian Ingredients on Arthur Avenue for its extensive Italian Pantry Options.

Tino's urges patrons to “loosen their belt buckles” upon making the trek down this famous street. The deli stands out for their regional balsamic vinegars and olive oils from all parts of Italy. It arguably has the most authentic and directly imported options on Arthur. Don’t try and argue to Tino’s owners’ about how special Arthur Avenue is. Because, according to them,

“No question, Arthur Avenue is the REAL little Italy.”

It’s hard to find both quality and quantity, but Tino’s checks all of the boxes with their delicious foods, authentic products, and their welcoming family atmosphere. Upon entering this unsuspecting storefront, it transforms into an all encompassing Italian experience. Their mission is to satisfy big appetites, and it’s guaranteed that they will. So when you take a stroll along Arthur, visit Tino’s, and most importantly, wear clothes that can expand.