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Oh, So You Wanna Know the 'Under the Tent' Theme?



Fordham University


Oh, So You Wanna Know the 'Under the Tent' Theme?

Hint: There's a tent. People go under it. One of them could be YOU!

Desiree Savini


Before I tell you the real theme, here are a few ideas I pitched to RHA awhile back that were - ahem - wrongfully rejected.

  • Six Feet Under the Tent: We All Died in a Nuclear Attack the Day After the Election and We’re Really in Hell RN
  • Under the Tent: The Much Anticipated Sequel to DreamWorks' Over the Hedge (2011)
  • Under the T-Pain: Imma Buy You Up to Four Dranks Before 1 AM

Although I was clearly robbed (we all were), I give RHA permission to use any of my ideas next year.

Okay. I guess I should tell you what they actually picked.

Whip out your neon speedos and some SPF 100 because the theme for Under The Tent is


Miami, Miami, Miami! Does this mean Pitbull will be in attendance?

Sara Chesnos, Executive President of the Fordham Residence Hall Association, GSB '18 wants Fordham students to imagine a night in Miami in the 80's with bright colors, neon lights, and an overall relaxed and carefree feel.

"We came up with the idea through many suggestions from our general board and student body over the years of ideas surrounding Miami and the 80's, so we decided to fashion together a vibrant expression of both!”

Think flamingos! Come dressed as a giant palm tree! Hell, come dressed as two giant palm trees! Think those neon lights they sell at Urban Outfitters that are always so much smaller in person than you expected them to be when you ordered them online!

Fun (unnecessary) fact: Flamingos feed their young with pink milk. They're the OG millennials.

Chesnos is finding inspiration in Madonna’s aesthetic, Dua Lipa music videos, and bisexual lighting photoshoots -- images that rely on a color scheme of pink, purple, and blue.

If anyone is looking for something to wear, I’m looking for people who want to join me in reenacting scenes from the new Janelle Monae music video for "PYNK" on the UTT dance floor. (Monae is the queen of bisexual lighting, btw.)

Finally! An occasion to wear my pussy pants!

According to Chesnos, the theme will be more than just decorative. “You may hear a little more Madonna, Prince, David Bowie, and Michael Jackson than in the past.” If 80s jams aren’t your, well, jam, Chesnos says they are still going to attempt a variety of songs to appeal to all audiences.

Liam McKeone, FCRH ‘18, wants to know who he has to talk to in order to ensure "Ocean Avenue" by Yellowcard is the only song played all night. Don’t worry Liam!

“New this year, we will have a song request form available through our social media. We cannot promise the DJ will play all of the songs, but it will help give more students an opportunity to steer the night.”

Additionally, a lot of the improvements from last year’s UTT will carry over to this year such as having a larger dance floor and an entryway tent.

Tickets go on sale at 12 PM on Wednesday, April 18th.

The line will form at the entrance to McGinley Center and it will form early. Tickets will cost $30 a piece and sales are cash only. Although not necessary, exact change is preferred for efficiency’s sake.

Class conflict? Each person in line may purchase up to 4 tickets including their own. (That's yours plus three more for the non-math majors.) You do not need to have a physical copy of everyone’s Fordham IDs. You will, however, need to bring a photo of other students’ Fordham or state IDs (if non-Fordham) and have their emails and money ready.

Unfortunately, you read that price right. RHA had to raise the price by $5 this year, as the cost for the tent went up significantly.

According to Chesnos, “The price for the tent increases by $10,000 every couple of years. We really do regret this, and if there are extreme financial burdens, [students] can always reach out to to create a solution! We don’t want this to be an exclusive event at all.”

That tent is like a luxury car, or a year of tuition at NYU.

If you need any more incentive to get your butt in line, the first 200 students to buy tickets will receive a complimentary voucher for FREE TACOS!

Say it louder for the people in the back: F R E E T A C O S

I'll see you all on the dance floor.

Stay up to date with the Fordham Residence Hall Association on their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Feel free to email them at if you have any questions, comments, concerns, and/or compliments.

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