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Get Cheesy @ Casa della Mozzarella

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Fordham University


Get Cheesy @ Casa della Mozzarella

Mozzarella, meats, and more

Shannon Burns


Read time: 4 minutes
Photography by Jess Mingrino, Header Picture by Spencer Krell
Situated at 604 E 187th street is an Arthur Avenue staple: Casa de Mozzarella. A true haven of meats and cheeses, it was opened twenty-five years ago by Sicily native Orazio Carciotto and his son Carlo. Casa is an old school spot specializing in Italian deli fare, cold cuts, olive oils, and, most notably, homemade mozzarella.

The store itself is narrow enough that only one person can walk through its aisle at a time. Upon entering, there’s an aroma of cheesy goodness, and you’re smacked in the face by a chandelier of sausages. On busy days, customers are prompted to take a number. On weekends, there is a line out the door. So, if you’re taking your parents to show them that you’re becoming a cultured member of the Bronx community, schedule your trip accordingly.

I stopped in and met with the owner, Orazio, who couldn’t shake my hand due to his hands being covered in cheese, but gave me a big smile. I was put at ease by his Italian charm and avuncular nature. Orazio explained that he wants his shop to be a glimpse into his home country, “When you come here, it looks like you’re in Italy.” He creates this atmosphere with authentic music and imported products from his homeland. So if your roommate’s pissing you off, or you just want to say you’ve been to Italy, then drop in at Casa, it’s kind of the same thing. And Orazio will vouch for you.

Orazio explains that his unsuspecting shop produces thousands of pounds of mozzarella monthly. It’s done all by hand and they don’t use gloves when producing their cheese. The right texture and consistency can only be achieved by touch. The mozzarella itself can be bought individually and is also on the sandwiches. If you’re feeling high society and are sick of the wraps at Rams, try their famous sandwich, the Casa. It has prosciutto, sun-dried peppers, balsamic glaze, and obviously cheese. It will not disappoint and you’ll question why you’ve ever waited in the caf’s sandwich line for what may or not be test tube meat.

Orazio and his son Carlo are referred to as the “king and prince of mozzarella.” When asked about his relationship with customers, Orazio told Buzzfeed's Tasty, “They treat me like a god, but I’m not. I just make mozzarella. That’s it.” For this family, it’s no bullshit. They just provide quality products and want to offer the best for their customers.

If you’re a Yelp enthusiast or a wannabe foodie, don’t fret. Casa de Mozzarella has been rated by Zagat as the best mozzarella in New York City for over a decade. They’ve been featured by the Eater, Thrillist NYC, and have even made a video with Buzzfeed’s Tasty, which has gotten nearly five million views. Essentially, they’ve got some street cred. Support a true family business, enjoy some great grub, and treat yourself at Casa de Mozzarella.