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Pad Thai a la MoCo

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Fordham University


Pad Thai a la MoCo

"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." -Teddy R.


Read time: 2 minutes.

I don’t know if it has come to your attention by now, but we live in a Thai food desert. I used to get my fix when I would take the Metro-North. In the basement of Grand Central, snuggled between Cafe Spice and Tri Trip was Thai Toon, a Pad Thai haven. But ever since that closed and got replaced by La Chula, I have been at a loss. Yes, I could get Pad Thai downtown and put it in my fridge, but the thing with cravings is, they hit hard and suddenly. One second, you're watching Big Mouth on your couch, and, the next, your pulse has quickened significantly and images of Pad Thai flood your brain. To fill the gaping hole in my heart, I did what I usually do: get creative with ingredients until it satisfies my taste buds.

If you have ever looked up a Pad Thai recipe, you know it is extensive and contains ingredients that are not commonly found in a college kid’s fridge (i.e., fish sauce, tamarind juice, etc.) I am here to tell you that you can make some killer knockoff Pad Thai on a budget, and off the chain.

  • Soy Sauce
  • 3 Spoonfuls of Peanut Butter (Other nut butter probably works, too.)
  • Honey
  • Optional: Eggs, Chicken, Tofu

Step One: Buy rice noodles from Modern. (They’re inexpensive and gluten-free.)
Step Two: Soak the rice noodles in cold water for 20 minutes. Remind yourself that good things take time. While noodles are soaking, put a pot of water on the stove. Look up to the embroidered sign above your stove that your Grandma made you: "A watched pot never boils." She's right. Look away.
Step Three: Your patience is inspiring. Now, put soaked noodles in boiling water for two minutes.
Step Four: While noodles are boiling; mix peanut butter, honey and soy sauce in a bowl. Stick it in the microwave for 30 seconds.
Step 5: Drain noodles and put them in the bowl with your peanut butter sauce, mix it together, and eat up.

Note: You can definitely get fancy and scramble an egg during Step Two or add some chicken. Hell, you could even crush up some peanuts and sprinkle them on top. But that’s all just icing on the Pad Thai.

Voilà! Pad Thai a la MoCo.