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What the F*ck is Going On?!



Fordham University


What the F*ck is Going On?!

Week of 11/13


Fordham has a plethora of events and opportunities that we as students have the unique chance to take advantage of; so why don't we ever know what's going on? We live in New York City, or, "The Big Apple," as my grandmother puts it, and yet I still find myself scrolling through Instagram while absentmindedly watching The Office every night.

Enter: "What the F*ck is Going On?!"

Every Monday, we'll be compiling a list of things to do and events to attend so that you can convince everyone from your high school that you're cultured now. These will be on and off-campus, so, yeah - fill up your MetroCard and hit the Bx12, baby. Here's what the f*ck is going on this week.

11/9-11/16, DOC NYC: A documentary film festival that is going on this week throughout NYC. Includes documentaries ranging from humor, history, memoirs and more. The festival is holding screenings at multiple locations across New York City, and tickets start at $19 per film.

11/10-12/10, The Infinity Mirrors Exhibit by Yayoi Kusama: Come see the most Insta-worthy art instillation of 2017. There are two different immersive rooms, as well as several paintings and sculptures, produced by the 87 year old artist Yayoi Kusama. The exhibit is spread across 3 different locations in order to display all of her art. The exhibit is located at David Zwirner Gallery, 525 W 19th St, and admission is free!

11/13, Lap Dance Saloon: Free stand-up comedy show every Monday at 9PM, 25 Avenue A!

11/14, Patti Solis Doyle: Patti is a Democratic Political Organizer and a CNN Political Contributor.
She is speaking this Tuesday, November 14th, in Keating 1st at 8PM. Admission is free!

11/14, Quartet Metadata: Quartet Metadata is performing at Fordham Lincoln Center at 7:30, 12th floor of the Lowenstein center. These four women are super talented and admission is free, so get off your damn couch and get in a damn Ram Van.

11/17, Career Insights for College and University Students: On Friday the 17th, the Metropolitan Museum of Art will be hosting a seminar on Career Insights for College and University Students. Go learn what it's like to work in a museum and how to apply your skills for a potential career in this field. From 5-7 at the Grace Rainey Rogers Auditorium in the The Metropolitan Museum of Art. It's freaking FREE! Register here!

PC: Jess Mingrino
11/18, Blonde Otter at the Mercury Lounge: Come see Rival alum Rob Falcone and his band get their boogie on at the Mercury Lounge. We're not biased or anything, but you're an idiot if you don't go. Doors open at 10:30, tickets are $10!