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Dating in the Donald Era



Fordham University


Dating in the Donald Era

Relationship No No's Until 2021

Victoria Munoz


Living in Texas and being a liberal is hard. Living in Texas as a liberal and dating is even harder. Before Trump, the political views of a potential boyfriend were important, but were never considered to be a deal breaker. I respected their views if they were on the right side of the spectrum and they respected my left views.

Recently, I have noticed things have changed. I find myself cutting off Trump-loving acquaintances and automatically ignoring any guy with “Trump” in their social media bios or donning a red cap. Should I feel bad for doing this? In my maybe-biased opinion I say no. I consider myself an open-minded and flexible individual, but when it comes to Donald Trump I cannot make an exception. As a female, as a Mexican, as an immigrant, and as a human, Donald Trump and his supporters have personally offended me in countless ways; anyone that supports him is embracing ideals that are harmful to me. I can't ignore the hypocrisy that is shown when a Trump supporter who holds anti-immigration and anti-Hispanic values tries to hook up with me, a Mexican individual; that hypocrisy is something we should all be aware of and should all be angry about.

Therefore, do not be surprised if I remove you on Facebook, block you on Twitter, swipe left on Tinder, or blatantly ignore your Instagram DM; white nationalists, Nazis, racists and sexists are just not really my type these days.

Coming to Fordham, I realized that while the ambiance was definitely more liberal and aligned with my views, there was a noticeable lack of Hispanic individuals. In my hometown of El Paso, 79.5% of the population is Hispanic. This is in stark contrast with Fordham’s Hispanic population of only 13%. It’s amusing to think people here use the terms “ethnic”, “exotic” and “Latina” to describe me, because back in Ciudad Juarez and in El Paso I am simply another Mexican among the masses.

I remember the first Saturday night of the school year I went out and a guy asked me to tell him “the sexiest thing in Spanish”. Disgusted by his atrocious forwardness, I leaned in and whispered into his ear: “estoy cansada, sudada, y quiero que me des diez pies de espacio”. “Does that mean you’re into me?” No, you belligerent junior from Fairfield, Connecticut, it means I am sweaty as fuck, tired, and need a ten foot radius from you so I don’t get mono. This common male behavior is a product of having a sexist in power who goes unpunished for making unwanted comments towards the female population.

This culture of hypermasculinity our President has promoted is evident when a senior guy assumes you are in fact into him because “he’s a senior, duh” or even when a guy from the tri-state area is offended when you accepted the drink he bought you, but then didn’t want to make out in the romantic, private, intimate setting of Mugz.
After years of observing and analyzing, I noticed there were two basic categories of pro-Trump bachelors: “economically-woke” supporters and shameless, straight up Trump-loving hicks. Your “economically-woke” supporter’s name is Ethan - your quintessential Gabelli bro. Ethan is captain of the tennis team and a self-proclaimed “nice guy”. Ethan gets all A’s, plans to major in finance or political science, and favorites Ben Shapiro’s tweets regularly. When breaking news arises that during his announcement speech Trump claimed “When Mexico sends its people, they're not sending their best. ... They're sending people that have lots of problems, and they're bringing those problems with us. They're bringing drugs. They're bringing crime. They're rapists.”, Ethan will respond with “I don’t agree with any of that…I’m just fiscally Republican” or “Trump does not represent all of my views but he has some positive points - I mean we do need to fix America’s important issues such as infrastructure.”

The second archetype’s name is John Earl. John Earl’s hobbies include Copenhagen dip, spitting on the floor for no particular reason (maybe an intimidation tactic?), getting in fights in Facebook comment sections, and stressing that having a Confederate flag on his truck is his “1st Amendment right” *rolls eyes*. When breaking news arises that Trump said yet ANOTHER controversial, offensive statement, John Earl will respond with “At least our president has balls” or “It was just locker room talk!” or even “Our president tells it how it is.”

In my experience, every Trump supporter who has tried to seduce me has more or less fit into one of the two categories.
After finally leaving Texas I thought the days of having to deal with Ethans and John Earls would be left in my hometown. However, I have realized that unappealing politics in college boys isn’t a Texas problem, it’s an everywhere-in-the-United-States kind of problem. The unfortunate reality of this is frustrating, but seeing what I don’t want in a partner clears my vision for the kind of guy I do want in my life. It helps me realize the type of guy I want isn’t one whose pick up line involves my race or native language or one who hypocritically agrees “all Mexicans are rapists” then has the audacity to flirt with a Mexican. The constant discarding of potential partners that support Trump is not picky; it is simply realizing what I can and cannot tolerate. In conclusion, if you’re a Trump supporter within a twenty-five-mile radius of me…

Save your Tinder superlike, sweetie.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the position of the Rival Fordham staff.