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What the hell is The Rival?


Fordham University


What the hell is The Rival?

We’re here to set the record straight.

Madeline Johnson

Lexy Leeds


“So, I don’t get it. Are you like a newspaper? But with videos? Who are you ‘rivaling’? I’m confused and I hate it.”

Maybe you’re new on campus. Maybe you’ve only ever replied *interested* to our Facebook events. You’ve heard a whisper on the wind about “Sex Week.” Or maybe your ex-fling from freshman year has been featured on our Instagram. Regardless, at this point we’ve piqued your interest.

With our official launch for the Fall semester only a couple weeks away, we wanted to give you the lowdown on the best part of the boogie down.

The Rival at Fordham University

The Rival at Fordham University’s mission stands to entertain and educate the student body, generate a campus-wide dialogue, and inspire creative thinking. We do not claim that everything we produce is "hard-hitting journalism." Rather, we are in the business of bringing together a community of diverse minds who speak in an authentic manner on subjects that people of our generation actually care about.

At The Rival we have the unique opportunity to do and say whatever we want, regardless of the level of controversy, because we have zero administrative oversight (and we aren’t funded by Fordham). We want to make student news INTERESTING - so that students actually want to read it. A la Justin Timberlake, we’re bringing sexy back.

We cover a wide variety of topics that apply to Fordham students' day to day life, from registering for classes, to making a Chury’s run. Our content falls under Campus, Current, or Culture. We love to gas up our peers and highlight some of our best students, clubs, and teams. We strive to be the voice of Fordham, and that voice comes from many corners of campus.

Our writers are passionate, creative, and smart. They have diverse interests and writing styles, some specializing in satire, while others strike a more serious tone. We want to expand our team even further across campus, hearing new voices and opinions. And if a couple of our staff writers are gently hazed with Four Loko’s along the way in order to truly unlock their creativity (how very Hemingway), then so be it.

The Rival Live

Our mission at The Rival Live is to provide Fordham students with opportunities to create and consume high-quality, comedic, entertaining, and engaging content with a Fordham-centric focus. Our production environment revolves around fast-paced collaboration, clear and frequent communication, and the free flow of ideas.

As a subset of The Rival at Fordham we also have the unique opportunity to do and say whatever we want. Students involved in production of The Rival Live ("Lival", if you will) are able to develop their television and digital production skills.

Our content and style vary. We've produced segments such as "Weekend Update" inspired desk dialogues, sketches about places Drunk You knows all too well, and a trailer for a movie that would attract a larger audience than any Fordham football game. We like to make light of Just Fordham Things and provide our audience with helpful tutorials in preparation for Fordham’s biggest social events.

There are always ways to get involved even if you aren’t ~on staff~. If you want to be in a sketch or to pitch us an idea, email us! Or just wait to be politely harassed on campus.


What really sets The Rival apart is our fierce legion of communications connoisseurs. Our strategy team hosts some of the best parties, works to increase brand awareness, and delivers content to everyone on campus. Representing The Rival and The Rival Live, they make sure to get double taps. Slide in our DM’s if you’re feeling freaky.

And who are “we”?

I’m Maddie, Managing Editor and Director of Content for The Rival. I’m also acting as co-Head of Strategy for this fall. Since joining The Rival during it’s launch, I’ve worked as both a writer and an editor. I’m a senior studying political science and English, living a double life as a faux-adult interning at NBCUniversal. You can find me on any given weekend paying too much money for coffee at Tino’s, and overstaying my welcome at the Bronx Beer Hall.

I’m Lexy, Executive Producer for The Rival Live and interim co-Head of Strategy. I’m a senior studying Film & Television (uh duh), and receive all of my creative fulfillment from The Rival while I attempt to be corporate AF as an intern at CNBC. If you ever see me in Howl I will most definitely force you to follow The Rival on Instagram before running away into the night with a bodega cat.

You want to roll with us? Applications are open until the 24th!