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Rival My Professor - Fall 2017



Fordham University


Rival My Professor - Fall 2017

The professors you should be registering for this fall


Registration season is upon us. In the wake of this biannual ritual, staff members and friends have each offered an “unrivaled professor” recommendation. We hope this is marginally more helpful than the average anonymous, bitter, and hormonal RateMyProfessor post.

Dr. Nathan Lincoln-DeCusatis (Music)

Recommended by Brenna Joyce
Are you a senior who put off taking core classes as long as possible? And now you’re stuck having to choose between "Art History," "Opera," and "Invitation to Theatre" for your Fine Arts Core? Then Dr. Nathan Lincoln-DeCusatis is for YOU. He teaches "Introduction to Music Theory," a class that sounds like death, but is far from it. He’s the best professor I’ve had at Fordham, hands down. You’ll learn how to read music, notate it, and listen to it more effectively, covering all the basics of music theory. His teaching style is punctuated with random jokes about Snoop Dog and Willie Nelson, and he gets everybody involved. Even the hungover, musically-clueless seniors get into it when he demonstrates whole and half steps by singing "Eye of the Tiger" into your face. Also, he’s a trained jazz pianist a la Ryan Gosling in La La Land, so that’s a plus. YOU WON’T REGRET IT.
  • In Fall 2017, Dr. Nathan Lincoln-DeCusatis will be teaching Music History Intro, Music Theory I, and Electronic Music & Music Production.

Professor Hopeton Campbell (DTEM / Communications)

Recommended by Tyler Bailey
Professor Campbell is hands down Rose Hill's best option for students who want to learn how to make things on computers and put them on the internet, which is perhaps the only career path that won't be taken over by bloodthirsty robots in the next ten years. The important parts of the Adobe creative suite, Final Cut Pro, and some coding knowledge will be under your control by the end of just about any class taught by professor Campbell, so you'll have the skills to participate in whatever tech revolution sinks our economy next. All dystopian jokes aside, Hopeton Campbell is a very understanding, responsive, and knowledgeable professor who guides students through production concepts very well. For any media student at Rose Hill, taking one of his classes is a must.
  • In Fall 2017, Professor Campbell will be teaching Digital Production for New Media.

Professor Genevieve O'Connor (Business)

Recommended by Kate Jakubowski
Professor O'Connor is by far one of the friendliest and most insightful professors I have ever had the opportunity to learn from at Fordham. Her lectures are easy to follow and she keeps her classes engaged through a Q & A style classroom, group activities and sometimes even games. She pulls from her professional experience across many industries to provide examples for the theories we are learning to help a variety of learning styles understand the material. Teaching at both the undergraduate and graduate level, she makes time each week to ensure all questions are answered and everyone is on track. Her course is available to BOTH Gabelli and non Gabelli students so try and get a seat in one of the three sections she teaches this fall! 10/10 would recommend.
  • In Fall 2017, Professor O'Connor will be teaching Consumer Behavior.

Professor Joshua Schapiro (Theology)

Recommended by Liam Semple
Everyone has to take a Sacred Texts class, so you may as well take Professor Schapiro. This man is a remarkable lecturer. His energy infects the class and he's always pushing you to think just one extra step so that you can come to certain conclusions yourself. This is not to say that a Schapiro class is easy, but it is certainly a lot more intellectually rewarding than most other core classes I've taken at Fordham. In addition, the purpose of core is to expand your horizons, isn't it? May as well take a class in East Asian theology instead of taking the easier, less interesting way out and studying the New Testament again. The perspective you gain from studying another culture's insights, aesthetics, approach to religion, etc. will literally change the way you see the world, and there's no better introduction to those concepts than Professor Schapiro.
  • In Fall 2017, Professor Schapiro will be teaching Sacred Texts & Traditions: Buddhist Meditation, Buddhist Meditation, Chinese Religions.

Dr. Charlotte Naylor Davis (Theology)

Recommended by Megan Mattocks
Charlotte Naylor Davis is a British woman who teaches theology at the London Centre. I took her Intro to New Testament class only to knock out the Sacred Texts and Traditions core requirement. I expected it to be a drag, but when CND walked in on the first day, I knew I was in for a treat. I’m not sure how to put it other than she’s a real life adult goth. Like, literally goth—she wears black and leather and spikes and it’s so awesome. Also awesome is Charlotte’s fresh perspective on really old and typically obscure material. She wrote her dissertation on something like feminist commentary on the Old Testament in hard metal music, and brings that same intertextual curiosity to her New Testament class at Fordham London. CND is cool and interesting enough to make the bible cool and interesting and I don’t really know how much more cool and interesting a person could get.
  • In Fall 2017, Dr. Naylor Davis will be teaching Introduction to New Testament at the London Centre.

Professor Sarah Gambito (Creative Writing)

Recommended by Jessica Mannino
Professor Gambito's class somehow makes a Rose Hill senior feel good about their 8:30 elective at LC. "A Writer In NY" was been the class I had been waiting to take all four years, a college-level creative writing course reminiscent of the middle school English class that made me fall in love with writing. This class reintroduced my love for creative expression. Sarah conducts weekly field trips that expose you to some of the coolest places in the city. It is an NYC immersive experience. This first hand look at the city lends a new perspective and way of conceiving of the world at motion around our campus. It was an amazing course that was conducive to out-of-the-box thinking and non-stop free-writing to garner a portfolio. If you love to write but just need the right about of inspiration and incentive, Sarah is your gal.
  • In Fall 2017, Professor Gambito will be teaching First Flint Seminar and Writer's Workshop: A Writer in NY

Professor Margaret Diaz-Padilla (Theatre)

Recommended by Sahana Holla
Professor Diaz-Padilla is one of the sweetest and down-to-earth professors out there. She takes special interest in all of her students and puts an extreme effort into ensuring her students are engaged. She is understanding and really strives to connect with every individual on a personal level. She is also so beyond approachable and is definitely one of the most caring professors I have ever had at Fordham. I know that she will be one of those professors I will never forget in the years to come!
  • In Fall 2017, Professor Diaz-Padilla will be teaching Invitation to Theatre.

Dr. Christina Greer (Political Science)

Recommended by Caitlyn Letterii
If you’re a political science major, I would highly recommend taking a class with Dr. Greer at Lincoln Center. She’s easily one of the best professors I’ve had. Her class is tough and definitely not one to take if you don’t feel like trying, but if you put the effort in you’ll find it super rewarding. She frequently brings in cool guest lecturers that are doing work in the field and she can make a three hour class seem like it’s flying by.
  • In Fall 2017, Professor Greer will be teaching Introduction to Politics and The U.S. Congress.

Fr. John Denniston (Theology)

Recommended by Nick Makarov
I took Fr. D for both of my theology requirements, and I regret nothing. Some people are put off by taking his classes because they're three days a week, but trust me, they're worth it (and each class always ends up being 30 minutes). He's a raunchy yet wholesome priest with a multitude of stories concerning old students and his college days in the South. Imagine a PG-13 version of Lewis Black, and you've got Fr. D, and I mean that in the best of ways. His open-mindedness and tenacity combine for legitimately interesting lectures; his classes have a "gather round the campfire" sort of feel. Fr. D is also the guy that will ask you about your life in every regard (we most recently talked about my Eastern European adventures) and has a knack for remembering a crazy number of students. I took him second semester freshman year, and when I came to his class again three years later he looked at me and said, "I can't believe it...Nick, how are ya?" Unreal.
  • In Fall 2017, Fr. Denniston will be teaching Faith and Critical Reason and Apocalyptic Themes in Film.

Professor Jason Steidl (Theology)

Recommended by Alexis Leeds
Tell a girl who went to public school her whole life and has never read more than an Instagram-bio-length quote from the bible that she has to take two theology classes and, trust me, she'll freak out. Put her in a class with Jason Steidl and she will find instant comfort. Professor Steidl makes the classroom a community in a way only the best professors can. "Church in Controversy" was entertaining and approachable, with an appropriate amount of work for an EP course. You will leave his class everyday with a renewed love for learning. He is a grad student and lives right off campus, so he is easy to schedule office hours with and can often be spotted around Bro's Hill sporting something from his extensive and adorable bowtie collection.
  • In Fall 2017, Professor Steidl will be teaching Sacred Texts & Traditions.

Professor James Jennewein (Communications)

Recommended by Danielle Gallagher
Prof J is by far one of the coolest professor’s I’ve had at Fordham. He landed here after years of writing for film and TV in LA. He’s got some outrageous stories about his experience in the industry. His passion for writing and storytelling is contagious. He knows the ins and outs of the industry, he’ll teach you how to pitch to a room of execs, and how to handle criticism gracefully when it comes your way. In my class, we workshopped each other’s screenplays each week. Prof Jim would send each student an e-mail, just hours after class, with feedback on our progress, and a pep talk to keep us moving. Writing gets frustrating when you lose momentum or hit a creative roadblock. Professor Jim teaches you how to overcome that. He’s welcoming, supportive, and hilarious. His once-a-week 3 hour classes fly by. Whether or not you’re the creative type, if you’ve got some love for movies and TV, you should take a class with Prof J.
  • In Fall 2017, Professor Jennewein will be teaching Screenwriting I, Writing TV Dramas, and Writing the Original TV Pilot.

Dr. Beth Knobel (Communications)

Recommended by Taylor Branson
The queen of the Communications and Media Department, Dr. Beth Knobel is the epitome of excellence. Her Columbia, Barnard and Harvard degrees complement her Emmy for CBS Television Production and provide quite the anecdotes during class. As one of the most down to earth professors at the University, you leave her class enriched, challenged and curious — sounds stereotypical, huh? Worth it. Her network in the media world spreads far and wide, and your syllabus is always sprinkled with guest speakers. Her industry experience highlights the course content IRL, whether it be an Intro class or a senior year capstone requirement. Part of the Holy Grail of Fordham Professors, Dr. Knobel gets to know each of her students in a way that makes you grateful you attend a University that considers classes of 35 “large.”
  • In Fall 2017, Dr. Knobel will be teaching Campus Journalism Practium and Television News Innovators (ICC)