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So... What Is Clinton Hall?

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So... What Is Clinton Hall?

Burger Lodge meets Mugz meets Beer Hall


Stumbling out of Mugz in the dark of night, you see frosted windows on the corner of Arthur Ave. There’s almost a mosquito-like pull to the orange flickering lights that spell out two unfamiliar words: Clinton Hall. You thought you had imagined it a few weeks ago, but then you trekked over to Tino’s for a La Nonna at lunch and saw the lights were still on. You started to wonder: Who pays that utility bill? Why has there been construction here for two years? What the hell is this place? Why are people talking about a “Ziggy’s”? Is Tri-Bar making a comeback? Why do I care so much?

Last year when Prince Coffee House opened, you probably walked by Clinton Hall's frosted windows hoping that perhaps the trend caught on and we would be set with a new hipster hangout. Matt Calhoun (‘17) noted that his realtor sold him on his apartment above Clinton Hall because of "the space downstairs."

The place has been so intentionally vague that we’d probably be satisfied just to find out that it’s a public restroom open during witching hours. Let’s face it, Clinton Hall has done a phenomenal job of generating buzz - but now, we here at the Rival have your exclusive answers.

What was it?

Once upon a time, before current Fordham students were considered BadGal regulars at Rams, or even found love under the neon lights of Blue Goose, there existed a bar named Ziggy’s. It was a “festering shithole” according to Fordham alum, Rico Saccoccio (FCRH ‘15), “There were tank sized roaches on the walls, piss on both the floor and bar, and an unused kitchen (also filled with piss). There was a large wall slicing up the middle of the floor plan, which allowed for only a single row of people...There was beer pong, music, dancing and from the beginning the place was TriBar’s hub for the class of 2015.”

The bar itself shut down in late 2012 or 2013 - no one really knows for sure, but the memories it fostered (or festered, depending on how you look at it) seem to transcend generations. Ziggy’s was a Fordham staple, the same way we regard the late Tinker’s or Mugz today, but now it’s muddled in folk-lore and legend. As Rose Hill students have seen, though, the Arthur Ave neighborhood has rapidly changed in the past four years, and Ziggy’s turned to dust in that wake. Now, all we can do is see if Clinton Hall will live up to the dangerous standards set by its predecessor.

What is it?

As a restaurant/bar, Clinton Hall gives you what Mugz Sports Bar & Grill lacks - the grill. It’s an extension of a pre-existing location (yes, the answers to our mystery have been right in front of us this whole time) that’s on 90th Washington Street in Manhattan. Basically, the restaurant takes what you love about Burger Lodge, and marries it with what you love about Mugz, and keeps you in the BX.

So, food…?

If you’re looking to sample what’s to come, check out their website here. It’s an American-fusion inspired restaurant, and you won’t believe the beer tap they have. The pipe connects to the basement of the bar and literally flows liquid gold directly into your cup. Students will finally have a well-lit, non-Italian place to get a drink after class. Mugz during the light of day is really only reserved for club sports teams and Suits, so that’s a no-go. It almost always feels like 2 AM in Howl, and Blue Goose literally isn’t even open during daylight hours. You won’t need to wait until midnight or trek all the way down Arthur Ave to Beer Hall (although let’s be real, you probably still will) to grab a beer.

When Will It Open?

This is the whole reason you even clicked this article, right? Well, here’s the big reveal...they still don’t have a set opening date. I know. You’re as frustrated as I am. Technically, the place was supposed to open at the beginning of December, but construction did not allow for that. A soft opening has been scheduled, though, and I can firmly tell you that the bar will be the prime place from which to drunkenly Instagram at some point next semester. Look forward to beers and burgers, and long lines.

Clinton Hall is moving in on the Fordham crowd. Will you be the first through its doors?